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The age we’re most content has been revealed – and it’s good news if you’re over 50

Adults aged 50 and over are most content with their lives, according to research.

A poll of 2,000 adults found those in this decade and beyond are best at being ‘happy with what they have’ – and also report stronger relationships.

Holidays and time to spend on hobbies and interests featured in the top 10 things the over 50s are satisfied with, along with being debt free, having good health and knowing the children are happy.

A fifth of adults this age with kids still living at home also admit they are more than ready to get them moved out – and move on to the next stage of their life.

It also emerged over one in 10 report having a more active sex life than they ever had before.

Three quarters of adults polled say having time to relax is what really makes them feel content, with those 50 and older likely to take four or more minibreaks or weekend getaways in an average year.

The research was commissioned by Warner Leisure Hotels, which operates 15 adult-only hotels across the UK.

Managing director Simon Thompson said: “It’s no surprise that the results found a huge part of what makes people happy is simply having time to enjoy life.

“Our guests love unwinding in whatever way suits them - from dancing the night away to live entertainment, to relaxing in our spas, learning something new like archery, or indulging in delicious three-course meals.

“By the time they reach their 50s, people are more open to simply doing what they love when they want.”

But the research found those under the age of 30 describe themselves as least content with life overall, stressing most about their finances and work/life balance.

The research also found older Brits are most likely to consider themselves a ‘glass half full’ person compared to other age groups, with 40 per cent of over-50s feeling this way.

This compares to just 24 per cent of under-30s, and only 28 per cent of those in their forties.

Across all age groups, finances are the main thing that keeps Brits from feeling truly content with their lot (39 per cent), and another 38 per cent worry about their levels of fitness.

The research also explored the happiest moments of Brits’ lives to date, with the most-commonly-chosen event the birth of children (32 per cent).

This knocked most people’s wedding day into a distant second place (21 per cent) while 17 per cent report their happiest memory was the day they met their partner.

For just over a tenth (12 per cent), their happiest ever event was finally getting to go on the ‘dream holiday’ they’d always wanted, according to the data.

While other things that make adults feel serene include learning to be happy with what they’ve got (54 per cent), and a leisurely tea or coffee in the morning (35 per cent).

Other simple pleasures that make people past their 40s happy include sunny days with clear skies, a good night’s sleep – and seeing old friends.

Simon Thompson added: “It’s nice to think that the older you get, the better it gets!

“It seems  the 50s are the age when people start to appreciate what they have – and have more time to enjoy it.”


  1. Being happy with what I have
  2. Being happily married/in a relationship
  3. Being debt-free
  4. Having good health
  5. Knowing my children are happy
  6. Being mortgage-free
  7. Time to spend on hobbies and interests
  8. Being comfortable financially
  9. Holidays with family
  10. Having a leisurely cup of tea or coffee in the morning
  11. Time with friends
  12. Time to perfect the garden
  13. Having a job I enjoy
  14. A nice view out of my kitchen window / from my house
  15. Walking the dog
  16. Knowing my pension is set up
  17. Having freedom to travel
  18. Being happy with the way I look
  19. Having a nice car
  20. Cuddling the cat
  21. Having a good social life
  22. Going to the pub regularly
  23. Having time to spend on crosswords or puzzles
  24. Holidays with friends
  25. Great sex life
  26. Having grandchildren
  27. Having our ‘forever home’
  28. Have savings for all the kids
  29. Being retired
  30. Having my will/after life care sorted

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